About us

With a rich tapestry of nine years in property management, Havrilla Commercial Investment Group has skillfully navigated the dynamic realm of real estate, leaving an indelible mark on over $30 million worth of retail centers. Our journey extends across iconic locales, from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the scenic Bay Area and the vast expanse of Texas.

At the core of our professional narrative lies not only the adept management but also the transformative redevelopment of multifaceted assets. In the multifamily property sector, we’ve honed my skills to orchestrate seamless operations and amplify the overall tenant experience. This involves intricate attention to detail, from lease negotiations to tenant relations, ensuring optimal occupancy rates and cultivating a vibrant community within these living spaces.

The realm of multi-strip retail centers has been our canvas for strategic innovation. We’ve undertaken the challenge of breathing new life into these commercial spaces, from reimagining tenant mix to optimizing retail layouts. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding of market trends, meticulous financial analysis, and adept project management to drive successful redevelopments that not only elevate property value but also enhance the overall commercial appeal.

Spanning the diverse landscapes of the West Coast to the heart of Texas, each geographical shift brought forth unique challenges and opportunities. From navigating stringent regulatory landscapes to understanding local market nuances, our journey has demanded adaptability and a nuanced approach to property management.

In essence, our tenure encapsulates a narrative of not just managing assets but sculpting their evolution. It's a story marked by fiscal acumen, strategic foresight, and a commitment to transforming spaces into thriving, dynamic environments. As we embark on future endeavors, we bring with us the wealth of experience that defines our journey in the realm of property management.